I’ve coded my first website in 2004, at age 16. During high school, I developped a passion for electronic circuits and digital painting, which eventually landed me to graduate in Communication Science with a dissertation on new media arts.

Born and raised in Italy, I moved to Ireland right after the university diploma. Since then, I’ve lived and worked in Dublin, Paris, San Francisco, the Caribbean – and a couple of other places on the way.

Professional career

I’ve worked for e-commerce and advertising agencies, well renowned fashion brands, and startups. Communication plans, social media strategies, user experience and wireframing, newsletter design and copywriting, graphic design, project management, and CRM: over the years, I had the opportunity and the curiosity for wearing several hats.

No matter the project, graphic tablets have always been faithful companions and a tool I couldn’t part myself with.

Going visual

Drawing characters has longtime been just a hobby, at least until late 2017 when I felt I was approaching a tipping point: I moved back to Paris and I undertook a professional course in narrative arts (major in comics and illustration).

Today, the skills acquired over the years allow me to confidentely guide brands into a whole new potential of visual communication: creative concepts and unique drawings, shaped around proven market strategies.

Clients include:

De Grisogono
Gabriele Pasini
GAS Jeans
Il Gufo
La Redoute
L’Oréal Paris
Max Mara Fashion Group
Réné Furterer
Sergio Tacchini
Société Générale
Tecnica Group