Hello, my name is Simona and I love to blend illustrations, graphic design, and storytelling. With a bit of coding.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with truly outstanding businesses and entrepreneurs, among which Audi, Diesel, Lardini and more.

Originally from Italy, I’ve worked in Dublin, Paris, and San Francisco. After transitioning to 100% remote work, I had the joy of living in the Caribbean and Montpellier. I’m now happily based in Alsace, France.

Have a creative project you’d like to discuss about? Get in touch!

  • Kegelness, la plateforme du périnée

    branding, website, graphic design, character design
  • Octopus

  • Anatomy series – Heart

    drawing & embroidery
  • Mirabilia

    childrenbook illustrations
  • Keolis #deficlic campaign

    character design, graphic design
  • Anatomy series – Carrot

    drawing & paper cut
  • Lions Basket

    character design, graphic design
  • Swiss Medical Network Group

    graphic design, illustration, video
  • Lardini

    newsletters, editorial planning
  • La Nutritionniste

    branding, website, illustrations
  • Keolis seatbelt safety campaign 2020

    character design, graphic design, illustration
  • Ross le roseau

    character design
  • CasoCover

    illustrations, animations
  • Bio Pan08

  • Terres Australes et Antarctiques Françaises

    character design, illustrations
  • Rocket

    character design
  • Architecture series – Paris

  • Le plancher pelvien

    character design, graphic design, illustrations
  • Nembol

    character design, illustrations, graphic design, website
  • Climbing Calendar 2020