Terres Australes et Antarctiques Françaises

It was spring of 2018, when my partner and I were evaluating what would be our next destination. After one year in Italy, almost 4 years in Paris, 6 monts in Martinique and another 9 months in Bois le Roi (south of Paris, nearby the Fontainebleau forest) we had two choices ahead of us: finding a place where starting to settle down a bit or… to keep exploring the world!

Among what makes France a great country to live in, there’s the fact that its territories go beyond its borders: Carribean islands, African continent, Polynesia, but also a series of military territories lost in the middle of the Indian Ocean, as well as a slice of Antarctica, which you can get access to only if you match certains requirements.

What you’ll find below is part of the application papers I’ve put together in order to be selected for an art residency in one of those remote lands.

I had eventually been selected for the art residency, but my partner was offered a job on a different island. We chose to stay together and embark on another incredible adventure: parenting!

Client:Terres Australes et Antarctiques Françaises

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